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Q: What is your recommendation for RCUH (Ulcerohemorrhagic Rectocolitis). How should I use it? Thank you!

A: The supplements we mention are soluble fibers that nourish and stimulate the activity of healthy bacteria in the colon. Inulin and oligofructose stimulates specific healthy bacteria to produce acidifying substances called short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). SCFA are used by colonocytes (colon cells) as fuel. Thus, the intestinal mucosa (affected in ulcerative colitis) will present a healthy metabolism. The main goal of treatment with prebiotics is to increase the number of healthy bacteria in the patient’s colon. The secondary goal is to acidify the colonic content and decrease the number of bacteria producing H2S (hydrogen sulfide). If the gases you eliminate no longer have an unpleasant odour, then the number of bad bacteria producing H2S is low. The patient must follow both the type of treatment and the diet that is applied in ulcerative colitis under the control of a gastroenterologist. The treatment with supplements is associated with anti-inflammatory (sterozi, masalazine) and immunosuppressive medication, indicated by the gastroenterologist specialist. Thus, in ulcerative colitis, we recommend Bifido-Plus® 1 sachet / day in the evening, 1 hours after the last meal, for 7 days, then 2 x 1 sachet / day a la long (alternatively one month treatment, then a month break). In order to monitor the evolution, please discuss with your doctor about the history of the disease (onset, colonoscopy aspect, disease stage, treatment followed).

Q: Good evening, Bifido-Plus® is forbidden in pregnancy ? If so, in what quarter/quarters? Thanks.
A: Innergy supplements are considered safe for administration to pregnant women, but there is currently no administration protocol regarding the recommended dose or minimum daily amount (RDA). There are studies that show that mothers’ babies who consumed prebiotics during pregnancy had a lower risk for allergies or atopic eczema. Currently there are protocols for administration to new-borns from the first day of life, with a positive effect on stool consistency, abdominal colic, weight gain, bone mineralization. Also, for the mother who gave birth, it is recommended the consumption of Bifido-Plus® in order to increase calcium absorption and bone mineralization. So, in conclusion, regarding your situation, if you have a family history of allergies, our advice is to breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months. We also recommend that you consult the doctor who is following your pregnancy, in order to decide if the administration of Bifido-Plus® is beneficial.®.
Q: Bifido-Plus® can be administered at a dose of 2 sachets to a child of 6 years with functional constipation? I noticed a clear improvement in the transit by administering 1 sachet per day.

A: The standard dose of administration in children up to 9 years is 1 sachet / day (4-5 grams supplement / day) to regulate transit. The double dose of prebiotic can produce soft stools up to stools of diarrhea and flatulence (bloating) at this age. Given that a sachet / day regulates the child’s stool, I advise you to keep this dose. You can try to increase the dose of prebiotic gradually: administer 1-2 weeks 1 sachet and a half of Bifido-Plus®. If this dose is tolerated, you can try to administer 2 sachets / day. The supplement has no adverse effects. Only bloating and stools in the form of diarrhea may occur.

Q: Hello. I have a baby of 3 months and 20 days and I do not know for sure what is the formula for calculating the recommended dose at the 6 kg of hers. Thanks in advance!

A: The calculating formula is as follows: 0.8 grams of supplement per 100 ml of milk formula daily. So, if you are preparing 500 ml of milk formula, add a sachet of Bifido Baby.

Q: Good evening, please tell me how much Bifido-Plus® I have to give to my baby of 4 months old. Dr. said half an a sachet for 10 days... and I put half a sachet in 60 ml of powdered milk because this is how much he drinks ... what to do?

A: The prebiotic dose should be administered for at least 4 weeks to achieve the maximum bifidogenic effect. I recommend you start the administration for 3 months, then alternatively, one month yes, one month break. The dose of 0.8 g per 100 ml is the maximum daily dose of prebiotic that can be administered to infants. This recommended dose should be individualized depending on the amount of milk your baby consumes daily. Our opinion is that you have done the right thing by following the paediatrician’s indication.

I: Good evening! Please tell me if I could administer Bifido-Plus®, instead of Bifido Baby® (recommended by Dr. Pediatrician) to my boy aged one year and one month. She recommended us treatment for a duration of 2 weeks

A: The dose of the supplement should be administered for at least 4 weeks to achieve the maximum bifidogenic effect. In the case of your child, it is recommended to take Bifido Baby® 1/2 sachet for 2 weeks, and then gradually increase the dose (1 sachet / day), within the limits of your boy’s intestinal tolerance (bloating should not occur and diarrhea stools should reappear). If he tolerates the dose of 1 sachet per day, continue with this dose for up to 3 months to strengthen and maintain the effect on the intestinal flora – increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the colon. Thus, you will find that the administration of Bifido Baby® in children leads to increased digestive comfort and modulation of immune function. Moreover, studies suggest the reducing of the risk for gastrointestinal infections, abdominal colic, upper respiratory tract infections, the number of antibiotic treatments and the frequency of allergies and atopic dermatitis. Also, the administration of Bifido Baby® leads to increased calcium absorption and its fixation at the level of the bones, favouring a harmonious growth and development. In the future we suggest the association of the treatment with Bifido Baby®, whenever your child must follow an antibiotic treatment and as an immunostimulator during the transition periods to and from the cold season (for periods of at least 4 weeks to 3 months, 2 cures / year).

Q: Hello. I would like additional details about Bifido-Plus® and Bifido-Baby®. Personally I would appreciate a comparison between the 2 products
A: Both products stimulate the growth and activity of the intestinal bacterial flora with a beneficial effect on health. Their mechanism of action is, however, different and is given by the difference in polymerization of the chemical structure, the effects being specific to each product. Bifido Baby® has a unique chemical structure (consisting of inulin and oligofructose), which allows it to act at the level of the entire colon. Thus, the effects are much more effective in infants and children who have an intestinal flora different from that of adults, and the nutritional and absorption needs are also different. Clinical studies on children and infants have shown that Bifido Baby® (in the recommended dose and duration of treatment, respectively 2-4 grams / day, for at least 4 weeks) is the most effective therapy for the prevention and treatment of different types of diseases that occur in these age groups. Among its benefits, there are: – Reducing the risk for gastrointestinal infections, abdominal colic; – Upper respiratory tract infections, antibiotic treatments, allergies / atopic dermatitis; – Also the administration of Bifido Baby® leads to increased calcium absorption and helps to fix it at the level of bones, favouring a harmonious growth and development. Bifido-Plus® acts in the distal portion of the colon, being the most effective to administer to adult subjects. Indications for treatment: – Prophylaxis of gastrointestinal disorders; – Reduces the risk of gastrointestinal infections; – Improves the functions of the digestive system (volume, consistency and frequency of stool); – Improves barrier function of the intestinal wall; Reduces metabolic endotoxinemy; – Optimizes the function of the immune system.
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